Updated: 14th Sep 2020

It's been a challenging year for everyone so far and although we are still in uncertain times, 212 Dance & Fitness are thrilled to be able to re-open our doors and re-introduce some normality to life.

Classes will re-commence from Monday 14th of September 2020. Due to the current climate, numerous temporary changes have been implemented within the studio to ensure everyone's safe return.


If you or anyone in your household have symptoms of Covid-19 you MUST NOT attend class.


Should you arrive at class showing signs of Covid-19 you will be asked to leave immediately and will not be permitted to return to future classes at 212. 

If you or someone in your household falls ill after attending a class you MUST inform 212 Dance & Fitness immediately.

If you are currently shielding, please do not attend any classes meantime.


Please do not arrive early as you will not be permitted to entry to the building any earlier than 5 minutes prior to class beginning.



Please wear a mask on entry and exit of the building (unless exempt).

On arrival, please make your way directly to room 6 as the waiting area is currently out of bounds.


The building is clearly sign posted with Covid regulations and hand sanatising stations, please use these on entry and exit of the building.  

As waiting areas are temporarily out of bounds please ensure you arrive ready to begin class.

Toilets are still available however it is advised that you re-frame from using this facility as far as possible. Should you require to use the bathroom please ensure you wipe down all surface areas used with the products provided prior to and after use as there are no toilet attendants on duty.


Students will not be permitted to wear masks during classes unless they make a personal choice to do so.

On entering the studio, students should collect a clean cloth located on the right side after entry and make their way directly to a vacant pole. Students are to use the box provided behind the pole to deposit their belongings into.


The flooring area around each pole is marked highlighting the 2 meter distance area. It is requested that students stay within their area throughout the duration of the class and do attempt to share poles or loiter outside the specified area.

It is requested that students bring the minimum amount of items required including their own water bottle and grip aids. Please do not bring your own cloths to wipe down poles as these will be provided during class. There should be no sharing or passing of items between students/instructors. 
The studio has been populated with the relevant information and guidance on how to keep yourself safe so please follow the guidance at every opportunity.



Classes have been heavily reduced during this time and will operate at a 5 student maximum capacity therefore everyone will have their own pole (Yay!).


Classes have been temporarily reduced to 50 minutes to accommodate the reduction in numbers. 


It is requested that students only book into one class per week during this time.


All classes are currently pay as you go. There are no package deals available during this time.


The studio has been subject to a deep clean prior to re-opening and vigorous cleaning sessions will be maintained throughout this period of time.

Equipment and high tarriff areas will be thoroughly cleaned at the start and end of each training night.

Instructors have completed the relevant 'Coronovirus COVID-19 Essentials' training course accredited by 'Center of Excellence, skillsforcare' therefore are fully sighted in the essential knowledge related to Coronovirus and how to ensure correct safety procedures are followed at every opportunity so don't worry....you are in safe hands (although not literally!)

A studio risk assessment has been completed and will be available for viewing should anyone request to see this.

Should there be any further queries, worries or concerns regarding attending classes during this time please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to having you back in class xx