Life's too short for a boring workout! Here at 212 Dance & Fitness we try to keep all our classes light hearted and fun whilst ensuring we are achieving a good solid workout. Pole Fitness classes will help you build strength, tone up, loose weight, improve your over all fitness and these are only some of the benefits!

Each class consists of learning a mixture of pole spins, transitions, floor moves, on pole moves and strength and conditioning techniques....we do pack a lot into a class!

Classes available to all persons age 16+.

No previous experience required.




Strength Building & Stretching is an essential part of your pole fitness journey if you want to start seeing some real progress however you don't need to possess these abilities to start training, Just remember everyone needs to start somewhere. Also, you don't need to be a pole fitness student to attend these classes.

This class predominantly focuses on achieving those oh so ever sought after leg splits however classes are ended with chest and shoulder opening work so you'll leave feeling free loose and fancy ;-) 

Class benefits include improved range of motion and reduced risk of injury.



Private Tutorials are a fantastic way to 'up your pole game' and really push towards achieving those goals.

One to one classes allow training sessions which are completely tailored to the individual. This allows greater focus and attention on the needs of the student.

Private tutorials are typically 1 hour sessions however this can be adapted on request.

If you are completely new to pole fitness and don't want to try your first class in an open environment then a private tutorial is the perfect solution. This session will be great 'pole taster' hopefully leaving you wanting more!



Do you love to strut your stuff to a choreographed routine and some banging tunes? Then this is the class for you.

Routine classes are excellent for building strength, stamina and co-ordination on and around the pole. Link spins, tricks and transitions specific to pole movement as you learn to dance to the music.

Song types and dance styles are varied class to class because we like to keep out students challenged and always learning new skills!



Pole Fitness is such a diverse sport with endless amounts of training content and sometimes we just can't fit it all into class...although we do try.

Open Training sessions are a great way for you to take some time out of class and really focus on that specific move you've been dying to nail! All in the comfort of a safe training environment where instructors are on hand to spot you if required.

Open training sessions are available to non 212 students although it is requested that you have some pole experience as these are not taught sessions.



If you are looking for a fun and unique Hen Do experience then you've found it.

212 is transformed into the ultimate bachelorette scene as we pimp out the studio with hen party decor and put the bubbly on ice. We offer a unique party experience, completely tailored to your group requirements. We'll provide extra attention to the bride to be ensuring her send off is one to remember!

Our most popular Hen Party Packages include a mixture of mastering some basic pole moves and then incorporating these into a short routine choreographed to the brides favorite song.


212 is the place to be if you are looking for a fun and exciting way to celebrate your special day.

We offer the unique party experience, completely bespoke to your requirements. Whether you want a pole taster session, to learn a dance or to break a sweat and challenge your fitness levels through completing a tough pole specific workout then this is the place for you,

Do something different this year round and mark the occasion with a day you won't forget.


Who needs a special occasion to have a party?

Spend an afternoon at 212 Dance & Fitness and celebrate life with this unique party experience.

All party packages are exclusive and tailored to the guests. Speak to the 212 team and together we can create your ultimate party bash whether that be learning pole moves, completing a choreographed routine or focusing on the fitness aspect of pole it's completely up to you.


Team building is an important part of any relationship and here at 212 we do our best to bring out the fun in people and get those guards down through some entertaining and care free activities.

Learn to work together and coordinate yourselves polling in unison as you create those special bonds. 

Team Building Workshops are very popular within the work force sectors so if want to bring back the office 'bants' and shake off that extra work stress then this is the place to do it!


We know that starting something new can be daunting at times plus it's so much better to do it with friends!

Group bookings allow you and your chosen company to try out pole fitness in the privacy of your own circle. Sessions are tailored towards the individual needs of the group. 

Learn pole fitness, complete a routine to your fave song or have a booty camp workout with a strength & conditioning session. 

Group bookings are any numbers between one and twelve.

Please see our booking system for up to date pole price classes and please contact us direct for all other services as prices vary depending on group size and time booked.