Questions, questions & more questions...

We all have lots of questions and sometimes starting something new can be daunting. It's a completely natural feeling!

However here at 212 Dance & Fitness we want you to feel as comfortable as possible and we can assure you there is honestly nothing to worry about. Our classes are extremely friendly and full of fun. If you're completely new to pole fitness then hopefully the below information can answer any of those burning questions you may have however if there is anything in addition to the below then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

What can I expect at pole fitness class?

All classes are one hour long and begin with a warm up. We then have a short section of movement around the pole to get us extra warm and build coordination and stamina. Each student then moves onto working on their own individual levels. You will be taught moves to suit your level.

What will I wear?

As you progress, you will want to wear shorts and vest tops to assist with gripping onto the pole however this is not compulsory and students can wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Our instructors usually start the warm up and flow section wearing leggings or joggers then change into shorts.

Do I have to be strong to start pole fitness classes?

No. Everyone starts somewhere. Obviously strength can assist progression and ability in classes however the training provided will build strength in no time. Strength is something that can be gained and is not essential to begin with.

Do I have to be flexible? 

No, again like strength - flexibility may assist your advancement in classes however this is something that can be increased through training and not an essential part of pole fitness.

Is there an age limit?

Instructors at 212 are only insured for teaching over 16's so unfortunately at this time classes are only available to anyone aged 16 and up tp any age above. 

Do I have my own pole?

Classes are limited to two students per pole. This allows you to get a good work out, have those much needed breaks during moves and of course make new friends!

Who can go to pole fitness classes?

EVERYONE AND ANYONE! Pole fitness classes are for anyone who wants to get fit, feel fab and make friends along the way. There is no restriction to who can come to classes (above 16).