Our classes are welcoming, fun and suitable for any level of fitness.  You can take classes at your own pace and our qualified instructors are there to help you every step of the way.  You'll be amazed at how quickly you will start to see great results and we do our best to make sure you leave feeling fabulous!


Weight loss 

Muscle Tone & Tightening 

Strength building 

Balance and coordination improvement 

Flexibility increase

Self-confidence boost

Higher energy levels and motivation

Make friends​



Here at 212 Dance & Fitness we like to keep things simple that's why our pole classes are broken into two levels.


LEVEL 1 POLE FITNESS - suitable for absolute beginners up to intermediate level. 


LEVEL 2 POLE FITNESS - suitable for higher intermediate students to advanced level.

STRETCH & FLEX - suitable for all levels and no requirement to be a pole fitness student.

OPEN TRAINING - suitable for all levels and no requirement to be a student at 212 Dance & Fitness to attend this class.


Each pole class lasts one hour and 10 minutes during which time you will complete a warm up, pole spins, pole moves, conditioning & cool down.  

We have a system in place that allows individual students to work to their own level and ability so no need to worry about keeping up with anyone else as we all work at different paces and progress at different rate.

Stretch & flex classes are 50 minutes long. We predominant focus on leg split stretching however include shoulder and chest openers. You do not need to be a pole student to attend these classes, they are available to everyone. 

Open Training runs for two and a half hours and you can drop in and out whenever you wish during this time.

Our instructors are there every step of the way to help, support and motivate students making sure they get the most out of their classes and individual pole journeys. 

See below for further information about all of our classes and pole fitness levels or click below to view our class times and prices.


Whether you are wanting to improve your flexibility for pole fitness,  working towards those splits or just want to feel more supple,  attending our 'Express Flex' classes regularly will help you achieve your goals.

Stretch and improve flexibility

In a fun and friendly environment we use various techniques such as PNF and partner stretching to help improve range of motion and flexibility.  We start every class with a good warm up to ensure your body and muscles are warm and then we focus on one or two specific areas per class.  You are taught safe and correct techniques to stretching.   Wear layers of clothing for this class so you are nice and warm.

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